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Medicaid Expansion
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Expand Medicaid


Michigan Primary Care Association formally supports the expansion of Medicaid to save Michigan money and save Michigan lives. In collaboration with the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Michigan Association of Health Plans, Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, Michigan State Medical Society, Michigan Osteopathic Association, AARP of Michigan, and other partners, we are urging the Michigan Legislature to expand Michigan's Medicaid program so the state can realize the financial savings and physical and mental health benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that have been quantified by multiple Republican, Democratic, university and independent studies published in recent months.




State House Concurs with Historic Healthy Michigan Plan as Passed by Senate, Sending Medicaid Expansion Bill to Governor Snyder

The Michigan Legislature returned from summer recess on September 3, and first on its agenda was finalizing the Healthy Michigan Plan for reforming and expanding Michigan’s Medicaid program. The Senate forwarded HB 4714, which it passed on August 27, to the House without giving it immediate effect. The House then voted 75-32 to concur with the Senate-passed bill, sending it to Governor Snyder for his signature. Governor Snyder, who has been a strong proponent for Medicaid expansion, is expected to sign the bi-partisan bill within the next few weeks. Since the legislation will not take immediate effect, the expanded program will be available beginning around April 1, 2014, as opposed to January 1, 2014, to eligible individuals with incomes below 133 percent of poverty.

"Extending insurance coverage to our neighbors most in need is a monumental achievement for our state that will benefit more than 470,000 working adults who currently lack coverage, as well as Michigan taxpayers and employers," said Kim Sibilsky, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Primary Care Association.

Click here to read Kim's statement in its entirety.

Please take a minute to contact Governor Rick Snyder, and your state Senator and Representative if they voted in support of the Healthy Michigan plan, to say thank you. Not only do we encourage you to email and call them, but to also publically thank them on Facebook and Twitter so they know how much their courageous actions to save Michigan lives and money are appreciated.

Click here for a list of how each Michigan Legislator voted on HB 4714, and then click here for the contact information of Governor Snyder and your state Legislators (you will be asked to type in your zip code).



Why is expansion so important for our state and our neighbors?


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You can help increase awareness

Below are resources, tools, and templates you can use to help increase awareness about the critical need for Michigan to accept funding from the federal government to ensure more of our neighbors have insurance coverage.

Who is Eligible for Health Insurance in Michigan Under the Medicaid Expansion?  NEW
This one-page document explains who would qualify for Medicaid coverage should the Michigan Legislature approve expansion, and what medical services would be covered.

How Will Medicaid Expansion Impact Michigan?  NEW
This fact sheet explains the impact that expanding Michigan's Medicaid program would have on the state's uninsured residents and on the state's economy.

Patient Letter Collection Template  NEW
Personalize this template with your Health Center's logo, then make copies and give to patients so they can hand write how expanding Medicaid eligibility is important to them. Share the letters with the state legislators who represent your Health Center and the patients it serves.

Medicaid Expansion Talking Points
The bottom line is that Medicaid expansion will save Michigan money, save Michigan lives, and improve the health care of all of Michigan to build a healthier future for our state.

Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet
This fact sheet explains in simple terms why Michigan should expand Medicaid, who will be covered, what kind of coverage will be provided, and how it will be paid for.

Messages for Social Media
You can help amplify the Medicaid expansion message via social media sites. This document provides you with suggested messages for the different platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

MPCA's Outreach & Enrollment Toolkit
Contains tools to help you explain the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Health Centers and their patients. Resources include tools for determining coverage expansion by Michigan County and zip code.

Board Resolution Template  NEW
Sample language you can include in a resolution you present to your board for a vote, calling for the Michigan Legislature to appropriate funds in the fiscal year 2014 state budget for expanding Michigan's Medicaid Program.

Find Your Elected Officials
Not sure who represents you in Lansing? When you enter your zip code, this tool will help you find your state legislators, as well as your U.S. Senators and Representative.

Sign Up to Be a Health Care Defender
By signing up as a Health Care Defender, you will receive timely email updates and email Action Alerts about issues or legislation impacting your local Health Center and access to health care. The email updates will keep you informed, and the email Action Alerts will allow you to easily contact your elected officials to voice your opinion about the issues/legislation.

Subscribe to the MPCA eUpdate
The MPCA e-Update is a weekly e-newsletter intended to keep Michigan Health Center staff and board members, MPCA members, partners, and friends updated on the latest happenings impacting Health Centers and providing care to the underserved. Check out the latest issue, as well as past issues, of the MPCA eUpdate. To subscribe, go to and scroll to "Sign Up for MPCA Newsletter" at the bottom of the homepage. 

More resources are coming soon, so please bookmark this page and check back often. 


Read What Health Center Advocates Are Saying About Medicaid Expansion in Michigan


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Read What’s Being Said About Medicaid Expansion in Michigan


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Michigan Primary Care Association’s (MPCA) federal grant program titled “State and Regional Primary Care Associations” allows MPCA to provide technical assistance and support to Health Centers in Michigan and is 100 percent funded by federal dollars at a current annual level of $1,069,988.00.

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Share Your Medicaid Story

If you or anyone in your family relies on Medicaid for your health insurance coverage, please tell us how that coverage has helped you. How has your life, or the life of a family member improved because of the insurance coverage you receive through Medicaid? What would you do if you didn't have that coverage?

If you aren't currently covered by Medicaid, but you would be eligible for coverage should Michigan choose to expand Medicaid eligibility to adults whose income is up to 138% of the federal poverty level, please tell us how that would change your life. What would be different for you? How are you affording health care now?

We know that for many people, sharing their story is not easy, but personal stories are critically important to showing how Medicaid benefits real people. Your story may be the one that makes a difference to a legislator. So please tell us your story so we can share it far and wide!

Click here to share your story via an online form. We welcome your photos and videos, as well! (If you need assistance with audio or video recording, let us know.)

If you would like to submit a handwritten testimonial, please scan and email it to of fax it to 517.381.8008. Please be sure to include your first and last name, your email address, and a phone number where we can contact you.

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