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Migrant Health Resources
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The resources on this page are organized by presentations (archived videos, slidecasts, and PowerPoints), resource documents (reports, issue briefs, fact sheets, websites), and tools and templates (spreadsheets, modifiable Word documents, job descriptions). If you don't find what you are looking for you can search by keyword using the search field at the top of this page.


Improving Oral Health Access for Migrant Workers

2008 | PDF | Source: Michigan Primary Care Association
Dental caries remains a significant program in some populations, particularly certain racial and ethnic groups and poor children. Dental disease ranks as one of the top 5 health problems for farmworkers aged 5-29 and among the top 20 health problems for farmworkers of other ages.


Resource Documents

The Intersection of Primary Care and Migration Health
2015 | Video | Source: Migrant Clinician
Review of critical infectious and chronic conditions impacting migrants.
Webinar presented by Dr. Edward Zuroweste, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Migrant Clinicians Network.

Personal Safety for Outreach Workers

2011 | Video | Source: Migrant Health Promotion
Core education around outreach. Presentation slides (PDF).
Webinar in a 2011 Michigan outreach worker educational webinar series presented by the Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

Please note: Webinar recording available soon!


Farmworker Rights
2011 | Video | Source: Farmworker Legal Services
Substantive overview of federal and state laws that protect farmworker rights. Presentation slides (PDF).
Webinar in a 2011 Michigan outreach worker educational webinar series presented by the Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

Please note: Webinar recording available soon!


Camp Access and Child Labor
2011 | Video 
A review of current laws related to outreach workers accessing migrant and seasonal farmworkers' housing and camps in Michigan, and of Michigan child labor law related to agricultural work. Presentation slides (PDF).
Webinar in a 2011 Michigan outreach worker educational webinar series presented by the Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

Please note: Webinar recording available soon!


Reporting Alleged/Apparent Violations and Complaints
2011 | Video 
A brief overview of violations, including the definition and the process for reporting them. Presentation slides (PDF).
Webinar in a 2011 Michigan outreach worker educational webinar series presented by the Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

Please note: Webinar recording available soon!


Could Good, Affordable Housing Solve Farmworker Shortage?

2017 | Website | Source: Stateline
“Soon the roster for the 2016 harvest was full and there were plenty of hands to bring in the 2016 crop. “We thought we had to go to H-2A, but it turned out housing was really the impediment,” said Rick Antle, Tanimura & Antle’s CEO.”


The Role of Health Centers in Caring for Farmworkers
2007 | PDF | Source: National Association of Community Health Centers
The Community, Migrant, Homeless, and Public Housing Health Center program has a long history of providing primary and preventative healthcare services to underserved populations.


2006 Michigan Enumeration Study
2006 | PDF | Source: Interagency Migrant Services Committee.
A comprehensive update of Michigan county-specific data enumerating the types, numbers, and locations of farmworkers and their non-worker household members across the state.


Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers: Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care
2005 | PDF | Source: Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured
This brief provides an overview of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and the health challenges they face and considers options for improving their health coverage and access to care.


Study Regarding Barriers to Participation of Farmworkers in Health Programs
2006 | PDF | Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Section 404 of the Health Care Safety Net Amendments of 2002 (P.L. 107-251) required the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a study on the problems experienced by farmworkers and their families under Medicaid and SCHIP, including the barriers migrant and seasonal farmworkers face in accessing health services through Medicaid and SCHIP, and the lack of portability of Medicaid and SCHIP coverage for farmworkers who are determined eligible in one state but who, due to the seasonal nature of their work, periodically move to other states.


Personal Safety for Outreach Workers Scenarios
PDF | Source: Migrant Health Promotion, Michigan Primary Care Association
These scenarios can be used to begin a dialogue within an organization or team about how to address personal safety situations while doing outreach in the community.


Migrant Labor Camp Access Fact Sheet
PDF | Source: Farmworker Legal Services
Outreach workers have the right to freely enter Michigan migrant labor camps without permission or knowledge of the migrant labor camp owner or operator.


Federal Youth Employment Laws in Farm Jobs Fact Sheet
2008 | PDF | Source: U.S Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division
The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as amended, sets standards for youth employment in agriculture. These standards differ from those for non-farm jobs.


Pesticide Health Effects Medical Education Database
Website | Source: Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center
This website is designed to aid educators by offering quality teaching materials related to pesticides. It assembles a diverse collection of materials useful in the training of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Designed to provide clinical insight into the health effects of pesticides, the core content is focused on case-based trainings covering modern day environmental health hazards, exposure scenarios, signs and symptoms, and directives for treatment of exposed populations.


Migrant Head Start (Telamon Corporation)
Website | Source: Telamon Corporation
Lists Migrant Head Start locations across the state.


National Farmworker Jobs Program
Website | Source: American Job Center Network
Services for migrant and other seasonally-employed farmworkers and their families, which include economic self-sufficiency through job training and other services to address employment related needs.


Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan
Website | Source: Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan
A legal aid office with attorneys and other legal staff who provide free legal assistance and referrals to migrant and seasonal farmworkers throughout the state of Michigan.


Migrant Education Program
Website | Source:Michigan Department of Education
The Migrant Education Program is designed to support high-quality comprehensive educational programs for migratory children to help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that result from repeated moves.


Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project
Website | Source: Migrant Legal Aid
Also known ad Migrant Legal Aid, this nonprofit program offers a continuum of legal services for migrant workers and their families.


Migrant Health Promotion

Website | Source: Migrant Health Promotion
Its programs provide peer health education, increase access to health resources and bring community members together with health providers, employers and policymakers to create positive changes. Community leaders, called Promotores and Promotoras, provide the inspiration, direction and vision necessary to build stronger, healthier communities — from within.


National Center for Farmworker Health
Website | Source: National Center for Farmworker Health
Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health status of farmworker families by providing information services and products to a network of more than 500 Migrant Health Center service sites in the United States as well as organizations, universities, researchers, and individuals involved in farmworker health.


Migrant Clinicians Network
Website | Source: Migrant Clinicians Network
A global organization with more than 10,000 constituents, MCN engages in research, develops appropriate resources, advocates for migrants and clinicians, engages outside partners, and runs programs that support clinical care on the frontline of migrant health.


CDC Spanish Language Website: Centros Para el control y la Prevencion de Enfermedades
Website | Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Provides information in Spanish on health and safety topics.


HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care Special Populations
Website | Source: Bureau of Primary Health Care
In 2011, HRSA-funded Health Centers served 862,808 migrant or seasonal farmworkers and their families. It is estimated that HRSA-funded Health Center programs serve more than one quarter of all migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States. The Migrant Health Center program provides support to Health Centers to deliver comprehensive, high quality, culturally-competent preventive and primary health services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families with a particular focus on the occupational health and safety needs of this population.


Health Care for Farmworkers
Website | Source: National Association of Community Health Centers
Includes information about farmworkers, Migrant Health Centers, migrant health conferences and events, HRSA Central Office grantees, Migrant Stream coordinators, Migrant Listservs, and partners.


Health Outreach Partners
Website | Source: Health Outreach Partners
A national non-profit health organization providing training, consultation, and information services to community-based organizations striving to improve the quality of life of hard-to-reach populations.


Honoring the Hands
Website | Source: Honoring the Hands
A multimedia project that has been created by passionate individuals who believe in advocacy through the use of their artistic voice to help raise awareness for migrant and seasonal farmworker healthcare.


Tools & Templates

Online Occupational Disease Reporting
Website | Source: Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Michigan State University


Pesticide Illness and Injury Surveillance in Michigan 2011
2012 | PDF | Michigan Department of Community Health, Division of Environmental Health
Agriculture is the second largest income producing industry in Michigan and pesticide use is widespread in Michigan. This document details the state's pesticide illness and injury surveillance.



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