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Faces of Michigan Health Centers: Linda and Kimberly Ackley
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Linda and Kimberly Ackley

Center for Family Health
, MI


My name is Linda Ackley, and my daughter and I are patients of the Center for Family Health. I am a 45-year-old married woman. My husband and I have been married for 24 years and, until recently; I did not believe I could have a baby.


In 2011 I was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria; the bacteria usually start on the outside and work their way inside. In my case, it was different. The bacteria started in my lower stomach, working their way out. As a result, I spent a month in the hospital, not knowing if I would get better. For about a week, I was in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. The surgery left me with no feeling in the lining of my stomach.


After the surgery, I noticed that I was bloated. I decided to go to the doctor on the encouragement of my husband to get it checked out. In visiting my family doctor, he was concerned and explained that he thought I had a hernia. He wanted to be sure by ordering a CT scan. "The scan should help us see what’s going on,” he said.


The scan was completed. After a few more minutes with the doctor in the exam room, he stated, "Linda you are pregnant. We need to have you seen by Dr. Hill, an OB/GYN at the Center for Family Health.”

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be told that not only was I pregnant, when I thought I couldn’t be, but that the baby would be here soon? I was frightened and thrilled at the same time. We had just lost my mom a few weeks earlier and I never thought I would be a mom.


We ended the appointment and I quickly went to the waiting room where my husband Mike was sitting. I remember having a weird look on my face as I approached my husband. He asked me what is wrong. At first I didn’t say anything. A minute later I told him I was pregnant.


I always thought I would know if I was pregnant. I would feel the baby…I would know. I never had any symptoms. I could not feel the baby because of the stomach muscles that had been removed.


That day, I had two ultrasounds with Dr. Hill at the Center for Family Health. This was the first time I’d ever been to the Center. Dr. Hill was wonderful; she was kind and patient and walked me through everything. The ultrasounds showed that I was even further along than my family doctor had said. So, on that day, just a few hours after we got the news, Dr. Hill delivered our daughter, Kimberly Kay, through Cesarean section. She was 10 pounds, 1 ounce, and 22 inches long. Most importantly, Kimberly was – and still is – very healthy and perfect in every way.


It’s been exciting for Mike and me. We received lots of baby stuff from many families, the community and the staff at the courthouse where Mike works. I stopped working so I could take care of Kimberly full time —and I love it. Kimberly is healthy, and she is exactly where she’s supposed to be. It’s amazing. She’s very well loved.


I am so thankful she was healthy when she was born. My mother died three weeks before she was born so Kimberly’s middle name, Kay, is for my mom and it is so special to me.


I received my post-partum care at the Center for Family Health. Kimberly is now 8 months old and is a patient there too. Everyone at the Center is very professional and caring. I would recommend the Center for Family Health to everyone.


I guess only the Lord knew when we were ready to have a child.


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