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Central Services Manager

Position Description: Under the supervision of the Ingham Community Health Centers (ICHC) Operations Director, the Centralized Services Manager supervises the staff and operations of Centralized Support Services of the ICHC, including patient registration, document management, and centralized referrals. Coordinate across health center locations and staff teams to assure consistency of document use and retention, patient registration and communication standards.  Serves as point person and coordinator of staff and systems, which support patient on-boarding, outreach and access to care, communications, and documentation. Optimizes health center technology to enhance the patient intake, communication, management and access to patient health information.

Essential Functions:

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following:

In coordination with Health Center Managers, communicates routinely with Community Health Representative (CHR) staff of the health centers and provides oversight to ensure compliance with standardized front office procedures, customer service/patient experience standards, patient registration and document management.

Assist in onboarding new CHR staff to ensure their orientation and competency in expected front office procedures and customer service/patient experience standards.  Provides feedback to Health Center Managers regarding CHR performance.

Develops systems, media and material to ensure consistent and optimal new patient onboarding experience.  Coordinates and oversees consistent and effective patient registration processes and communications, including outreach, standardized information packets, etc. for new and existing patients.

Serve as coordinator between County IT staff, Electronic Health Record (EHR) staff, and external vendors in identifying solutions, and managing patient communications systems, ensuring functional quality of phone tree systems, patient portal, automated patient text/call reminders, and other web-based or telecommunications.

Ensures high quality customer service and reliable delivery of patient services, including registration, outreach, scheduling, follow-up, and arranging transportation to support high level of patient engagement and attendance of scheduled appointments and referrals.

Monitors patient access data using various metrics and sources, and provides relevant reports and recommendations to clinical and administrative leadership as well as quality improvement bodies.  Facilitates the implementation of improvement initiatives focused on improving access to care and patient experience.

Performs quality assurance audits for customer service/patient satisfaction, and provides training and corrective actions to meet patient experience expectations and access to care objectives.

Responsible for the management of Medical Records staff and operations.  Establishes and maintains procedures to ensure timely, reliable and efficient scanning and filing within the EHR system and response to health record requests.  Works with document storage vendors to ensure compliance with regulations and standards regarding the archiving and retrieval of patient health records.

Oversees process for approving new forms and standardized documents in use across health centers.  Manages the inventory of active forms and documents to ensure that correct and current forms and documents are in use at all times by various health center staff.

Provide management and oversight to centralized referral staff and operations.  Ensure that external specialists and diagnostics referrals are performed efficiently, timely, and in accordance with the terms of established referral agreements.  Coordinates through the Medical Director and Clinical Services Manger to ensure patient care standards relevant to referrals are met.

Monitors and performs quality assurance assessments of referral processes using various metrics and sources, and provides relevant reports and recommendations to clinical and administrative leadership as well as quality improvement bodies.   Facilitates the implementation of improvement initiatives focused on improving referral processes and patient experience.

Other Functions:

Performs other duties as assigned.

Must adhere to departmental standards in regard to HIPAA and other privacy issues.

During a public health emergency, the employee may be required to perform duties similar to, but not limited, to those in his/her job description.

Employment Qualifications:

Education: At least a Bachelor’s degree. Degree in Healthcare, or Business Administration preferred.

Experience: At least 2 years’ work experience in clinical office setting.  At least one year of medical office management experience or equivalent.

Other Requirements:

Must have excellent written and verbal communications skills

Must highly proficient in use of technology,  including: phones/hunt group, Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Outlook and tele-conferencing software.

Must have excellent organization skills.

Must have excellent interpersonal skills.

How to Apply/Contact
Please apply at Current Job Opportunities | Sorted by Job Title ascending | Ingham County Job Opportunities (governmentjobs.com)

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