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Chief Executive Officer

Position Description:


MidMichigan Community Health Services is a federally qualified rural community health center (FQHC) based in Houghton Lake, Michigan. We provide primary and specialty health care for all, with a particular emphasis on access for the underserved.

We are headquartered in beautiful Houghton Lake, Michigan! Northern Michigan has an abundance of year-round activities for all. Our community offers great fishing, beautiful parks and beaches, ample trails for hiking, cross country skiing, biking, ORVs. With being home to the largest inland lake in Michigan and having a low cost of living, Houghton Lake is an ideal place to live, work, and recreate.

Our organization was founded by concerned residents in the early 1970s to address the severe shortage of primary care in our area. We are still run by a local volunteer board of directors, helping to ensure that our services meet the community’s needs.

We focus on preventive health care, health education, counseling, and health promotion. Our mission is to provide you medical care that is:

  • High Quality
  • Community-driven
  • Patient-focused
  • Easy for all to access

We make continuous and conscious efforts to evolve a thoughtful culture within our organization. We focus on teamwork, open communication, and a caring environment that nurtures personal learning and growth.


A Master’s level leader in healthcare committed to overseeing a Federal Qualified Health Center in Northern Michigan. You possess vision, along with compassion for our patients, community, and employees. You thrive for competitiveness, with the drive to succeed. You are communicative with a dynamic personality, to attract talent and lead. You possess curiosity and willingness to learn new concepts and care, as it relates to patients and employees. You demonstrate flexibility with some financial and operational knowledge and skills. You love the work you do and making an impact on the wellbeing of the communities we serve.


Full benefits beginning day one of employment at no cost include: medical, dental, vision, short/long term disability, life and AD&D, generous PTO and professional courtesy. Salary commensurate with experience.


We prioritize the following culture and embed it in all that we do. We are compassionate to each other, ourselves, and our patients. We are family oriented and care deeply about each other, place high value skillsets, and working together for the wellbeing of the communities we serve. We communicate openly, provide clear goals and plans, and are passionate about personal growth and supportiveness. Our employees trust one another, have the willingness to share expertise, are open to suggestions, and value individual contributions to a group effort. We hold each other accountable and solve problems striving to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. We believe we make the communities we serve a better place.



The Chief Executive Officer is the chief executive of the organization and is responsible for all aspects and operations of the organization.  The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors.




Reports directly to the Board of Directors.




Exercises organization wide supervision.




    1. Board Relations
      1. Assures that organization programs and operations are conducted in a manner consistent with the Board approved mission statement and Board policies, mandates, or directives.
      2. Attends all Board meetings ad Board Committee meetings as necessary.
      3. Maintains open and on-going communications with Board, assuring that the Board is fully apprised and informed of overall organizational operations, programs, progress, and problems, and has sufficient information for decision making. Provides regular and ad hoc operations reports, financial reports, and special reports or studies as necessary or requested.
      4. Keeps Board apprised and up-to-date relative to pertinent federal and state laws, health care trends and changes, and any other community or environmental events which may potentially impact the organization.
    2. Facilities/Equipment
      1. Oversees and approves facilities and equipment need for improvements.
    3. Financial Management
      1. Coordinates with Chief Financial Officer oversight of organizational financials and expenditures.
      2. Oversees and assures cooperation with the organization’s annual independent audit.
      3. Reviews and provides feedback for financial mechanisms to assure good internal control and develops and maintains operational procedures for the efficient management of systems for accounts receivable, purchasing, accounts payable, accounting, and payroll administration.
    4. General Operations
      1. Develops and presents organizational structure and chart to Board for approval.
      2. Oversees the development of administrative policies and procedure manuals as necessary.
      3. Establishes effective means of communications with all employees through regular meetings with administrative staff.
      4. Oversees internal systems of communication, including staff meetings, departmental meetings, administrative memoranda, employee newsletter, etc.
      5. Responds to any identified problem, concern, or threat to the organization and develops a plan of action consistent with the organization’s best interests.
    5. Grant Administration
      1. Oversees the submission of all external grant applications.
      2. Assures compliance with all grant related requirements, including all reports and programs/budgetary guidelines.
      3. Maintains on-going communications with grant sources and serves as main liaison to all funding agency officials.
    6. Management Information System
      1. Oversees physician productivity and program/departmental productivity. Makes recommendations for improvement.
      2. Directs and reviews various internal management reports.
      3. Monitor production cost over time, examining trends and isolating items of concern.
    7. Personnel
      1. Assure consistent and equitable application of Board approved personnel policies for all employees.
      2. Directly supervises and provides direction and leadership for other key administrative positions, i.e. Chief Operations Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Quality, Director of Grants and School Based Services, Executive Assistant and Culture Communications Coordinator.
      3. Implements and coordinates annual performance evaluations for all employees, and evaluations for probationary employees as appropriate. Completes evaluations for employees directly supervised and comments on others as appropriate.
      4. Oversees recruitment practices and approves hiring of Officers, Providers and Directors of the organization.
      5. Recruits, interviews, negotiates contracts for Board approval, and hires all providers approved by the Board. The Chief Executive Officer will work closely with the Chief Medical Officer’s in negotiating provider contracts.
      6. Oversees all employee disciplinary actions and approves all decisions for employee dismissal.
      7. Recommends employee wage increases and other special commendations to the Board for their consideration and action.
      8. Works with Human Resource Director to recommend revisions in the organization’s personnel policies for the Board’s consideration and action.
    8. Physician Relations
      1. Responsible for physician recruitment efforts, and works with Chief Medical Officer’s in screening, interviewing, and contract negotiations.
      2. Works closely with Chief Medical Officer’s in attempting to expeditiously resolve contract disputes or other problems of physician discontent.
      3. Provides feedback to physicians relative to their practice, e.g. production reports, financial reports, clarification of organizational expectations.
      4. Attends regular medical staff meetings and provides to physician’s necessary office support, supplies, equipment, and other staff resources conductive to efficient practice.
      5. Maintains good communication with medical staff, responds to medical staff concerns expeditiously, and strives to create and maintain a personally and professionally satisfying working environment for all physicians in a manner consistent with the organizations mission, philosophy, and overall best interests.
    9. Planning and Program Development
      1. Continually monitors, and is responsive to, community health problems and needs, and conducts a complete community needs assessment at least annually.
      2. Works with and assists Board in establishing long range goals and developing a strategic plan and actions to direct the organization towards achievement of these goals.
      3. Oversees the development of annual program goals and objectives for recommendation to the Board and is directly responsible for developing and implementing the annual program work plan.
      4. Proposes new programs or ventures for consideration and develops and implements plans for operationalization. New program or venture development should be consistent with the organization’s mission and goals.
      5. Coordinates and evaluates all programs within the organization including but not limited to service delivery with other agencies when possible. Develops methods of interagency cooperation and agreements to assume best coordination and use of resources in the community.
      6. Strives to keep up to date educationally, professionally, participates in professional associations, and continually monitors local, state, and national trends, changes, and developments related to, or of major impact to, health care delivery.
    10. Public Relations/Marketing
      1. Acts as official spokesperson for the organization in the community, to the media, other agencies, groups, and agencies.
      2. Oversees the preparation of all organization news releases, program announcements, public service announcements, promotional materials, and newsletters or annual reports.
      3. Assures expeditious response to all public inquiries and inquiries.
      4. Maintains an active stance in the community and participates in activities and represents the organization in meetings to other groups and agencies, particularly those related to health and human services.
    11. Quality Assurance
      1. Work with Chief Medical Officer’s in establishing medical Quality Assurance Program for organization, and arranges support through obtaining materials and resources, examples of protocols, suggestions fr organization and structure of QA effort, and clerical assistance. The Chief Executive Officer will take steps to assure that a QA effort is operational and on-going.
      2. Develops and implements procedures for reporting and handling of internal operating problems, deficiencies, suggestion, and incidents.
      3. Develops and implements procedures for receipt and expeditious handling of patient complaints/grievances.
      4. Develops and implements procedures for assessing patient satisfaction and eliciting patient/consumer evaluative feedback.
      5. Periodically monitor patient flow and internal operations, and to conduct functional analyses, to continually improve overall quality and efficiency of operations.
      6. Encourage existing staff to avail themselves of continuing medical education opportunities, and to assure satisfactory credentials for new staff and consulting staff.


  1. A Master’s Degree in related field required.
  2. At least 3-5 years progressive responsibility.
  3. Prior healthcare experience.


  1. Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of health administration and business administration.
  2. Knowledge and experience in community analysis, community organization and planning.
  3. Basic research and evaluation skills.
  4. Excellent writing and communications skills.
  5. Independent judgment and ability to be decisive in a manner always consistent with what is deemed to be the organization’s best interests.
  6. Shows compassion to both patients and employees.


How to Apply/Contact
www.healthynorth.org – click on Careers in the top right corner or email HR Director at [email protected]


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