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Outreach & Enrollment Toolkit
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Michigan Health Centers assist patients in determining their eligibility for state, federal, or community programs. MPCA, in turn, assists Health Center outreach and enrollment staff through technical assistance. MPCA is happy to provide this Outreach & Enrollment Toolkit to Michigan Health Centers to support efforts to assist consumers in Medicaid, CHIP, and Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment. The toolkit will be updated as new materials become available. Please contact  Nashia Choudhury if you need any assistance using the tools or templates provided.


Join the Outreach & Enrollment Network

The MPCA Outreach & Enrollment Network is open to Michigan health center staff, AmeriCorps members, and/or volunteers with responsibilities in outreach and enrollment. The network meets via conference call or webinar, provides regular training, and continuing education opportunities. Email to join!



To see the full list of resources, click on each section heading below.


ACTIVATE & ENROLL: Put your in-reach and outreach plans into action

Put your in-reach and outreach plans into action

Enrollment Assister Tools 

Exemptions and Tax Reconciliation Resources

  • The Health Care Assister's Guide to Tax Rules
  • Fact Sheet: Exemptions for Consumers without Health Coverage in 2014
  • Fact Sheet: Exemptions for Consumers without Health Coverage in 2015
  • Fact Sheet: How to Apply for an Exemption through the Marketplace
  • IRS Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions Resource Webpage
  • ACA: Everything You Need to Know- Tax Webinar Series 
  • Tax Advocate Service: Tax Penalty Calculator
  • CMS Individual Responsibility Payment & Exemption Resources
  • Form: IRS Form 8962 | Instructions for Form 8962
  • Form: IRS Form 8965 | Instructions for Form 8965
  • Spanish Instructions and Form: IRS Form 1095-A
  • Form: IRS Form 1095-A
  • Example 1095-A Cover Page for Consumers 
  • Form: IRS Form 1095-B
  • Form: IRS Form 1095-C
  • Tax Resources
  • My Tax Checklist
  • Infographic: Confused about Your Taxes and Health Insurance?
  • Free Tax Assistance Sites
  • New Tax Tool | Calculate premium tax credit and affordability exemption for second-lowest cost silver plan and lowest-cost bronze plan
  • Tax Filing Season: What to Expect and New Opportunities for the Enrollment Community
  • The Premium Tax Credit: Marriage, Separation, and Divorce
  • An Update on Tax Related Issues and Premium Tax Reconciliation | Slides
  • Resources for Key Populations

    Consumer Education and Health Insurance Literacy Resources

    • Online Tools and Resources
      • provides information on a range of topics, including instructions for completing the enrollment process in the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid coverage programs, choosing a health plan and primary care provider, and using health coverage to access care
      • has eligibility criteria, application and benefits information, and an explanation of costs for the Healthy Michigan Plan

    OUTREACH TOOLS & TEMPLATES: Develop targeted materials and messaging

    Healthy Michigan Plan Resources

    Healthy Michigan Plan Resources

    RETAIN: Serve the newly enrolled patients for years to come

    TRAIN: Grow your expertise

    Marketplace Enrollment

    • Certified Application Counselor (CAC) Training for the Health Insurance Marketplace

      Below are some useful tips for completing the training:

      • Use an updated version of a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. There have been some issues with receiving credit for courses using Internet Explorer.
      • Prepare your system before accessing MLMS by allowing pop-up windows, using the latest version of Adobe Flash, and turning on JavaScript
      • Some organizations have security controls or software that can interfere with MLMS. If you are experiencing issues, take your training on a home computer/laptop or a public computer.
      • The Enterprise Portal times out every 30 minutes. To prevent being logged out, click the Portal window every 28 minutes and look for a pop-up box to save your progress and continue the current session.
      • Save a screen shot of the last page of training as proof of completion.
      • If you experience an error or your course doesn't show complete even after you have completed that course, contact the MLMS Help Desk

    2015 MPCA Outreach and Enrollment Training Event

    Supplementary Training


    Enrollment & Post-enrollment Strategies

    Outreach Strategies

    Marketplace Training

    Social Determinants of Health in Outreach & Enrollment:

    Use the support of MPCA's Outreach and Enrollment Network - email with contact information to add new outreach staff members to the listserv, and stay up-to-date!

    COORDINATE: Connect with partners

    State Partners: Navigators

    State Partners: Certified Application Counselors

    National Awareness Partner: Enroll America / Get Covered America

    • In addition to the outreach and enrollment resources and best practices available through Enroll America, the organization has launched a national awareness campaign called Get Covered America. Get Covered America has staff based in and focused on Michigan including State Director Erin Knott and Organizing Director Kevin Lane. You can contact the Get Covered America team directly or speak with MPCA staff to learn more about their work in Michigan. View Enroll America's CAC Organization Toolkit for additional CAC resources.

    National Awareness Partners: Resources and Support

    PLAN: Put thoughts, strategies, and O&E activities on paper

    Planning Tools

    Capacity Building



    BACKGROUND & RESEARCH: Gather accurate, timely information

    Data Resources

    Numerous data sources can be helpful in conducting outreach and planning enrollment services. The listing below is an excerpt particularly relevant to outreach and enrollment:

    • The UDS Mapper tool has been revamped and broadened to include several mapable indicators related to outreach and enrollment
    • Findings from a 50-State Survey of eligibility, enrollment, renewal and cost-sharing policies in Medicaid and CHIP, 2012–2013
    • The U.S. Census Bureau's Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program produces estimates of health insurance coverage for states and all counties
    • The State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) Data Center provides a web-based table generator tool allowing users to customize tables and graphs of health insurance coverage estimates
    • <
    • United Way’s ALICE report (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) includes county-level information on moderate income families struggling to meet their basic needs
    • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Data Hub tracks state-level data and allows users to customize and visualize facts and figures on key health and health care topics including coverage, social determinants and more
    • The Michigan Department of Human Services' Green Book of Program Statistics provides up-to-date enrollment and program utilization information by county for all benefit programs, including Medicaid, across the state
    • The Michigan Department of Community Health provides health plan enrollment statistics on a monthly basis along with their service area listing and annual quality scores
    • The Center for Education Performance and Information offers information by school district and school building regarding utilization of free and reduced school lunch programs, which can be helpful indicators to target outreach
    • The Urban Institute recently published an analysis, "Who are the Remaining Unisured, and What do Their Characteristics Tells About How to Reach Them?" which presents estimates of the characteristics of those remaining uninsured after implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage provisions. This report can be helpful with targeted outreach

    Background and Research

    Michigan Primary Care Association’s (MPCA) federal grant program titled "State and Regional Primary Care Associations” allows MPCA to provide technical assistance and support to Health Centers in Michigan and is 100 percent funded by federal dollars at a current annual level of $1,186,260.00.
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