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Dental Assistant

Position Description: Under the supervision of Dental Director and Community Health Center Manager, the Dental Assistant assists in the examination of patients and the delivery of needed dental treatment in a Dental Health Center setting.  Provides chair side assistance, prepares restorative materials and medications, sterilizes dental instruments, takes and develops x-rays and performs other functions to assist the dentist.

Essential Functions:

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following:

1.    Greets patients, reviews medical and dental history, and prepares them for dental treatment.  Evaluates patient behavior and participates in the behavioral management of patients to alleviate their anxiety or fears.  May include giving basic explanation of procedures.
2.    Arranges dental instruments, assembles dental instruments, materials, and medications on chair side tray in order of use.  Provides post-operative instructions to patient and/or parent as prescribed by the dentist.
3.    Sterilizes instruments and keeps other equipment and surfaces disinfected using autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner, or chemical solutions.  Practices required sterile techniques and ensures sanitary storage of supplies and equipment.  Sends sterilized strips from autoclaves to companies for testing to ensure that autoclaves are working properly. Sterilization of instruments is performed both onsite in the Dental Health Center as well as on the Mobile Dental Center.
4.    Assists dentist chair side for restorative and surgical procedures by preparing, passing, and receiving appropriate dental instruments, restorative materials, amalgams, dental cements, and temporary sedative fillings in the prescribed fashion.
5.    Prepares material and impression trays used to construct models of a patient’s mouth which is needed to manufacture appliances or dentures.
6.    Keeps oral environment visible during dental procedures by use of high-volume evacuation, air, water spray, rubber dams, or other devices.  Assists dentist/hygienist in a manner as to optimize the safety of the patient, hygienist, or dentist in the course of patient treatment.
7.    Takes and develops dental radiographs, following radiation safety protocols.
8.    Disposes of waste materials from dental procedures including dental sharps, extracted teeth, blood soaked gauze, cotton rolls, and other disposable supplies according to OSHA guidelines and infection control.
9.    Instructs patients and parents on proper oral hygiene and other dental issues.
10.    Assists in staffing outreach activities related to dental health.  Distributes promotional materials, makes presentations, and gives tours to interested groups.  This Includes Sealant program, distributing permission slips for Lansing and Holt Schools.  Schedule Sealant visit dates with schools for the school year.  Follow up with parents of students identified as needing further dental care during Sealants.  Schedule and perform oral care education presentations at individual schools.
11.    Cleans, and disinfects as necessary, the general service area in the Health Center and on the Mobile Dental Center.  Inventories, orders, and stores service materials.
12.    Prepares bills for services provided, prepares purchase requisitions to order supplies and submits them to Dental Director and Community Health Center Manager for approval (forwards them to the accounting office)-remove and performs other support tasks associated with the work.

Other Functions:

Performs other duties as assigned.

Must adhere to departmental standards in regard to HIPAA and other privacy issues.

During a public health emergency, the employee may be required to perform duties similar to, but not limited, to those in his/her job description.

Employment Qualifications:

Education: High school graduation or equivalent.  Completion of a Dental Assistants’ Training Program leading to a certificate in dental assisting.

Experience: Six months of experience as a Dental Assistant.

Other Requirements:

Must be certified, or be able to become certified, in monitoring and assisting in the administration of Nitrous anesthesia.

Must be certified in dental radiographs (x-rays).

How to Apply/Contact
Please apply at Current Job Opportunities | Sorted by Job Title ascending | Ingham County Job Opportunities (governmentjobs.com)

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