The MPCA Workforce page offers members information and resources relevant to Workforce development efforts. Members can find information on MPCA Workforce projects and related partner programs.

Highlighted Topics

  • MPCA Career Center (visit this link to find a job working at a MPCA member health center)
  • Health Center Careers Training Program (HCCTP)
    • MPCA offers the opportunity to join the HCCTP which provides funding and support to health centers to train individuals interested in non-degreed programs and careers. Additionally, our toolkit provides information on how to start your own on-the-job training program at a health center. Contact MPCA to indicate interest in HCCTP.
  • Comprehensive Workforce Plans
    • Workforce plans enable health centers to create a living document that can be adjusted based on the changing workforce needs and healthcare landscape. This template created by the Star2 Center is a useful tool.
  • HR/Workforce Peer Network
    • Join human resource and workforce health center and MPCA staff as we discuss relevant topics and have an opportunity to connect, learn and share information. Meetings are held every other month. Interested members can visit our peer learning and user group page for registration information.
  • Health Professions Education and Training (HP-ET) Initiative
    • Does your health center partner with trainees, students, residents, and educational training programs? Engaging in HP-ET will enhance your capability to recruit, develop, and retain the workforce at your health center. Contact MPCA for guidance on how to get started.

Relevant Partners