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Dental Therapist

Summary: The dental therapist primarily Promotes general dental health, prevents oral disease and provides disease treatment by performing the duties outlined in this job description. Works under the supervision of a licensed dentist and provides treatments within authorized scope and detailed within the Written Practice Agreement. Dental therapists work as part of a team, providing clinical treatments in collaboration with the supervising dentist. The dental hygienist is a crucial team member to any dental public health program.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: A dental therapist licensed by the State of Michigan may perform the following services and procedures pursuant to the Written Practice Agreement:

  1. Identifying oral and systemic conditions that require evaluation or treatment by dentists, physicians, or other health care professionals and managing referrals
  2. Comprehensive charting of the oral cavity
  3. Providing oral health instruction and disease prevention education, including nutritional counseling and dietary analysis
  4. Administering and exposing radiographic images. Exposes, develops and mounts oral x-rays, interprets x-rays to determine area of calculus, periodontal disease involvement and gross dental abnormalities.
  5. Dental prophylaxis including subgingival scaling or polishing procedures
  6. Dispensing and administering via the oral or topical route nonnarcotic analgesics and anti- inflammatory and antibiotic medications as prescribed by a health care professional
  7. Applying topical preventative or prophylactic agents, including fluoride varnish, silver diamine fluoride and other fluoride treatments, antimicrobial agents, and pit and fissure sealants
  8. Pulp vitality testing
  9. Applying desensitizing medication or resin
  10. Fabricating athletic mouth guards
  11. Changing periodontal dressings
  12. Administering local anesthetic and nitrous oxide analgesia
  13. Simple extraction of erupted primary teeth
  14. Emergency palliative treatment of dental pain related to a care or service described in this list
  15. Preparation and placement of direct restoration in primary and permanent teeth
  16. Fabrication and placement of single-tooth temporary crowns
  17. Preparation and placement of preformed crowns on primary teeth
  18. Indirect and direct pulp capping on permanent teeth
  19. Indirect pulp capping on primary teeth
  20. Suturing and suture removal
  21. Minor adjustments and repairs on removable prostheses
  22. Placement and removal of space maintainers
  23. Nonsurgical extractions of periodontally diseased permanent teeth with tooth mobility +3 (may not extract a tooth that is unerupted, impacted, or fractured, or that needs to be sectioned for removal)
  24. Performing other related services and functions authorized by the supervising dentist and for which the dental therapist is trained
  25. Performing any other duties of a dental therapist that are authorized by the board by rule
  26. A dental therapist may supervise 3 or fewer dental assistants and 2 or fewer dental hygienists in any 1 practice setting, to the extent permitted in a written practice agreement
  27. The dental therapist must work effectively with diverse and multi-cultural staff and patient populations
  28. Refers patients to the dentist who have abnormalities such as tooth decay, defective fillings, periodontal disease, or any condition that is suspect for oral diseases.
  29. Seats and drapes patients as necessary.
  30. Checks and maintains instruments to ensure adequate working conditions, cleans, sharpens and sterilizes instruments as necessary.
  31. Instructs patients or groups in proper oral hygiene care, health promotion and nutrition using appropriate materials models, equipment and displays.
  32. Demonstrates proper techniques of brushing, flossing and use of necessary perio aids and explains common causes of tooth decay and its relationship to the general diet.
  33. Instructs other medical professionals and assistants in oral health care techniques for bed ridden, handicapped, disabled or chronically ill patients.
  34. Assists in community prevention programs.
  35. Electronically send referrals and radiographs to dental specialists, as directed by Dentists.
  36. Completes follow up appointment form completely and/or schedules patients for follow up visits.
  37. Other duties may be assigned within the scope and complexity of this position’s essential functions.
  38. Must attend any and all mandatory trainings offered through the Bay Mills Human Resources Department and Bay Mills Health Center.

Education & Qualifications: Completion of a dental therapy educational program that meets the standards of the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Must possess a current Michigan State License to practice Dental Therapy without restrictions.


Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Previous experience in dental practice or clinic setting is beneficial but not necessary.
  2. Must successfully pass a background check and must not be excluded from any government program.
  3. Must be available to work hours of clinic operation.
  4. Must be able to travel when required. Ability to fulfill the requirements of travel between facilities
  5. Ability to read, analyze and interpret professional journals, technical procedures or governmental regulations
  6. Demonstrated clinical competence
  7. The capacity to function independently with limited supervision
  8. Possess the ability to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively in all situations
  9. Cultural sensitivity with respect to working with persons and groups of diverse racial, ethnic, economic and social
  10. Efficient computer skills and experience with electronic records system
  11. Excellent communication skills required.
  12. Must have an excellent past work record both internally and externally
  13. To perform this position successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each function listed under the essential functions and physical demands categories of this position description.


Preferred Requirements: Preference will be given to those of Native American descent.


Work Environment/Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit, walk, and bend extended periods of time.  Work is predominantly performed in a dental clinic setting adequate room temperature, lighting and ventilation.  Involves regular and recurring exposure to potential hazards of radiation and infectious disease.  May involve travel during inclement weather.  May involve travel to field clinics or outreach program sites.  May involve providing care to apprehensive or mentally challenged patients that may complicate the treatment process.  Personal protective garments will be provided and are required to be worn during the delivery of patient care.

How to Apply/Contact: Send Cover Letter, Resume, List of Professional References and Copy of State Licensure to:

Abby Kaunisto, Clinic Coordinator
Bay Mills Health Center
12455 W Lakeshore Drive
Brimley, MI 49715

[email protected]


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