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Registered Dental Hygienist

Position Description:

MyCare Health Center is seeking a Dental Hygienist responsible for the direct provision of oral hygiene and appropriate preventive services to dental patients of the practice. The Registered Dental Hygienist will also be responsible for providing appropriate oral health information to individuals and groups. This person will work at our Center Line clinic initially, and then transition to our new Mt. Clemens clinic in May 2023.


1. Assists in the oral health management of all clinic patients.

2. Obtains baseline oral hygiene assessment data based upon accepted principles of oral hygiene and periodontal care.

3. Utilizes and maintains Electronic Dental Records as directed by Dentist(s) in compliance with HIPPA, state regulations and law and MyCare directive and protocol.

4. Records patient-hygienist transactions as they occur in the patient’s dental record so that the dental record accurately and completely reflects the nature of the contact, the condition of the patient and the care or treatment provided.

5. Provides oral health education and appropriate individual counseling for all center dental patients.

6. Provides clinical oral hygiene services including dental prophylaxis, scaling, sealant application and fluoride application consistent with accepted professional practices and standards and in compliance with applicable state law and the practice’s clinical protocols.

7. Provides clinical support to supervising dentist by taking and developing radiographs, dental charting, and disclosure of dental and medical findings in accordance with state regulations and law as well as MyCare directive and protocol.

8. Integration of appropriate patient dental hygiene care with other health care professionals involved in the patient’s health care management.

9. Organizes and performs preventive oral health presentations at on-site and off-site locations.

10. Assists in the provision of technical assistance and health education in the community as requested.

11. Performs independent procedures as delegated and directed by a dentist in accordance with state regulations and law as well as practice protocol and directive.

12. Assists in the maintenance of all treatment areas in compliance with directives and policies and procedures relative to infection control, exposure control and safety issues.

13. Receives and places necessary telephone calls consistent with professional matters, clinic business and patient care of the practice.

14. Assists with various clinical and administrative functions of the center as appropriate and time permits.

15. Insures the proper disposal of all contaminated or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with directives and center policy as well as state federal regulations(s).

16. Complies in full with the practice’s Exposure/Infection Control Plan.

17. Travels when necessary to meet operational needs.

18. As directed by a supervisor, performs other related and/or necessary tasks to achieve organizational and programmatic goals and objectives.

19. Responsible for personal compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and center rules, regulations, protocols and procedures governing the practice of dental hygiene and the clinical provision of dental hygiene services as well as those relating to, but not limited to, personnel issues, work place safety, public health and confidentiality.

20. Responsible for compliance with all MyCare policies and procedures.

21. Promote efficient, organized and pleasant office operations in the health center and in the community, consistent with the mission of MyCare to offer care in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

22. Maintains Professional licensure and completes required Continuing Education as required by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and renews as appropriate.


1. Ability to maintain confidentiality in all matters.

2. Meets all attendance and punctuality requirements to ensure proper coverage and quality service.

3. Professional and appropriate dress as required by the position.

4. Demonstrates an ability to resolve interpersonal and professional conflicts appropriately.

5. Ability to formulate decisions and make judgments that are demanding and interpretative.

6. Effectively and efficiently complete all paperwork requirements for billing and dental records compliance.

7. Strong oral and written communication and presentation skills.

8. Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with fellow healthcare providers.

9. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, to effectively and tactfully deal with a diverse group of patients, staff, customers, and community groups.

10. Ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations.

11. General computer proficiency.


1. Must be honest and trustworthy, respectful of others;

2. Must be flexible and possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;

3. Must possess excellent written and oral skills.

4. Must demonstrate a commitment to the mission of MyCare Health Center.


1.     Graduation from an accredited school of dental hygiene.

2.     Unrestricted license to practice Oral Hygiene in the State of Michigan

3.     Current CPR (BLS) certification

4.     Ability to be clinically fluent in Arabic, Spanish or other language, preferred.

5.     At least two years of family dental practice or community health center experience, preferred.

How to Apply/Contact
Send resume to [email protected]

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