MPCA and UofM Partner on a Learning Collaborative to “Catch Up on Cancer Screening”

LANSING–The Michigan Primary Care Association and University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center are launching a learning collaborative to help health centers and patients catch-up on cancer screenings. The goal of the collaborative is to support peer-to-peer learning among health center teams to identify and share best practices to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on delivery of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings.

The MPCA value transformation team, including Candy Vertalka and Amy Zarr, will lead and organize collaborative activities. The collaborative will provide resources tailored to specific MPCA health centers including 1) an enhanced data dashboard to track catch-up in cancer screenings, 2) implementation toolkit to support evidence-based interventions, and 3) personalized support for practice change. By participating in this learning collaborative, health centers teams will support each other in implementation of specific strategies to increase cancer screenings and develop greater general capacity for practice change. Additional partners include the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (Cancer Control) and American Cancer Society.

“Health center teams have done a heroic job to continue delivery of high quality health care throughout the pandemic. Some impacts, like a decrease in cancer screening, were unavoidable,” said Amber Desgranges, MPCA’s Grant Program Officer. “It’s time to think about how to catch-up and this collaborative is a great way for our health center teams to learn from each other what really works.”

Save the Date for Thursday, Sept. 16, from Noon to 1 p.m. to hear more about the “Catch-Up on Cancer Screening” Learning Collaborative and how this can support your health center’s quality efforts.

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Theresa Quaderer, M.A.
Integrated Health Program Manager
517.827.088 (Office)
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Lawrence An, MD
Assistant Director for Cancer Prevention and Screening
UM Rogel Cancer Center
[email protected]