MPCA, Member Health Centers Featured in BridgeMI

GRAND RAPIDSThe Michigan Primary Care Association and its member community health centers were featured Wednesday in a story published by Bridge Michigan in the news organization’s Michigan Health Watch section. (Bridge photo courtesy Daytona Niles)

To read the feature story “Child COVID vaccines are available in Michigan. Now comes the hard part” penned by staff writers Robin Erb and Ron French, please click on the link below: The decision to vaccinate 7-year-old Brittish Conaway against COVID pivoted on Dr. Jenny Bush’s choice of words.

“When she gets sick,” the doctor explained to the girl’s mom, “her sugar levels plummet. And that’s where things like metabolic strokes happen.”

Brittish has complex health problems stemming from a genetic metabolic condition. Contracting COVID-19 would likely make those problems worse. Better to watch for mild side effects from the vaccine than chance life-threatening complications from COVID that could last a week or more, Bush advised.