Clinical Pathways

Michigan Community Health Network’s Clinical Pathway subcommittee has been tasked with overseeing and directing the process of clinical pathway development, adoption, training implementation and monitoring across MCHN. The Clinical Pathway subcommittee has established a standardized template that focuses on team-based care to ensure all patients are receiving the highest level of care in the most appropriate, cost-effective environment. Existing practice guidelines are used to support the evidence-based clinical best practices, while the Subcommittee has created a model of care that assures each care team member is working top of license or scope for optimal efficiency throughout all episodes of care.

The Clinical Pathways are intended to guide the health center care team in establishing appropriate referrals to specialists and ancillary services by engaging the entire care team through defined roles and responsibilities. While each health center is unique in their structure and operational workflow, the Clinical Pathways are intended to identify workflows that ensure providers are spending maximal time with their most complex patients and using other qualified care team members to provide support and assistance within their areas of expertise.

The following Clinical Pathways are available for your use:

The materials are available as a resource.  They are intended to guide your team through development of health center specific workflows and may be modified to meet the care team structure each health center has in place. Health centers wishing to discuss how best to operationalize the Clinical Pathways may reach out to either Dr. Faiyaz Syed or Julie Helinski.